Live Graphs

The graphs will auto-update every 5 minutes. If not, just refresh the page.

Vaisala Weather System


Andy Patterson
tel: +44 (0)1904 322336


Live Graphs

These graphs show weather conditions for the past three days. They are updated every five minutes.

During some extreme winter conditions the wind data may become temporarily unavailable. Data samples at these times are not plotted, leaving gaps in the Wind and Wind Chill graphs.

The wind sensor on the weather station has stopped working and consequently all wind data will be invalid or missing. We're sorry for the hopefully temporary unavailability of this data.

Temperature, Wind Chill, Humidity and Pressure

Temperature Graph
Wind Chill Graph
Relative Humdity Graph
Atmospheric Pressure Graph

Rain and Hail Fall

Rainfall Graph
Hailfall Graph

Wind Speed and Direction

Wind Speed Graph
Wind Gust
Wind Direction Graph

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